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An issue I have become increasingly conscious of over the course of the last several months is the trash pandemic that poisons our planet more and more each day. Perhaps it is less prevalent in some places, but it seems that as of late, all that I notice is the trash intertwined with grass, trees, and other aspects of nature that actually belong there.

I think that a large part of the problem rests in ignorance, and lack of knowledge of the consequences that emerge along with the products of our waste. Almost everything can be recycled - yet approximately 254 million tons of trash is generated in American annually, with only 34% of this trash actually being recycled. Moreover, Americans waste about 4.4 pounds a day EACH. This adds up considering there are approximately 321 million Americans - while it's true that not everyone wastes that much, it's also true that some people waste more.

Attached is a short video I created that discusses the environmental impact that just one person has. Check it out, and be mindful of way

s you can reduce your daily trash amount, thereby carbon footprint.


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